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Participants who need visa to visit Turkey, please contact with Dr. Aslıhan Anlar via e-mail ( We will provide the invitation letter and visa support letter. To learn the visa regime applied by Turkey towards your country, please visit For E-Visa Please visit

How to Reach Kocaeli?

Kocaeli is located near to İstanbul, and is easy to reach by public transportation or by car. The closest and most conveniently accessed international airports are Atatürk International Airport and Sabiha Gökçen International Airport in İstanbul.
From İstanbul to Kocaeli, you can take the metro from the Atatürk International airport to Esenler otogar in 15-20 minutes and from there; there are buses of Efetur Turizm every 30 minutes to Kocaeli. From Sabiha Gökçen International Airport; there are regular bus services, provided by the ASMİS and TANRIVERDİ.
You can reach Kocaeli via Ankara- Esenboğa Airport. From airport, you can reach to Ankara International Bus Terminal by metro. From Ankara to Kocaeli, there are regular bus services, by EFETUR. It takes nearly 4 hours from Ankara to Kocaeli.
To reach the conference venue from Kocaeli bus terminal by public trnportation; you should take the tramcar “AKCARAY. At the last stop, you should take the bus number 241 (not last but one stop- bus stop number: 110349 and bus stop name: Hotel (Otel- Fakülte Durağı)- 38th stop ) 242 and 243 (bus stop number: 110350 and bus stop name: Campus – Faculty (Fakülte Durağı)- 40th stop)
You can easily reach to Kocaeli by train. After train station, you should again take the tramcar AKCARAY and buses 242,243 and 241.


Attention please!
Please mention the hotel desk clerk that you are an ECOEI participant

The hotels we recommend:
Wes Hotel
Teona Hotel
Kartepe Park Otel

Shuttle services are going to operate from Teona Hotel and Wes Hotel to the conference venue in every morning and evening.

For detailed information about accommodation, please call the following numbers: +90 539 302 5136 or

You can call us for airport transportation an accommodation services: Emine Unsal +90 539 302 5136 or